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East Linton train station 1960

I have been following with interest the development of the new train station at East Linton on your website.

My grandparents lived in the village from the early 1960s until they died. My grandfather died in 1970 and my grandmother in 1977. They lived in a cottage in Browns Place.

I attach a photo my father took whilst he stood on the foot bridge. I am the little girl holding my grandmotherís hand. I came and spent every summer holiday with my grandmother, as we lived in England.

The photo might not be of any use to your website but I thought Iíd share it. I found it interesting the line of trees in my photo could still be seen in one of the photos taken at your new railway station.

I shall be coming back to East Linton at the end of May, bringing my own grandchildren to share the wonderful memories I have of the area.

Lynda Whitbread

Photos: from Lynda Whitbread

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